Our Product Features

Digitize your Team-Based Learning classes. Automate Readiness Assurance Tests, Applications and Peer Evaluation and improve students' learning outcomes.

Before Class


Students must go through preparatory material before the class. Prework can be easily uploaded and shared with the learners.

Upload presentation slides, readings, videos and other interactive material

During Class

Individual Readiness Assurance Test

In class, students complete an individual quiz called the IRAT, which consists of 5–20 MCQs based on the prework. Students can take IRAT on any devices: laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Receive real-time item analysis data on each question

Implement confidence-based testing

Implement IRAT in synchronous or asynchronous setting

Confidence-Based Testing

Assess student understanding with confidence-based testing, or point-spreading. Students have the option to choose more than one answer choice and allocate different weightage to each choice(s), depending on their confidence level.

Determine whether students are guessing or are confident in their answers

Team Readiness Assurance Test

Teams work on the same questions as in IRAT but submit answer through consensus-decision making and get immediate feedback after each submission. Teams continue to answer questions till they arrive at the correct answer choice.

Automatically grade teams based on the number of attempts to get correct answer

View real-time data on your teacher dashboard, including the order of attempts on each question

Replace scratch-off cards with digital immediate feedback feature


Teams can review their performance and easily identify IRAT and TRAT questions for clarification and raise their concerns.

Teams digitally request clarification during and after the TRAT

Quickly see which teams require clarification on which questions

Track key concepts that teams are struggling with


Teams apply theoretical knowledge to real-world application questions. Teams can discuss, debate and submit responses digitally.

Create free response or multiple choice application cases

View all team responses privately in real-time

Track application timings and team responses in real-time

After Class

Peer Evaluation

Team-members grade each other based on their contribution to the team.

Easy collection and administration of peer evaluation results

Conduct peer evaluation both qualitatively and quantitatively

Release anonymous results to students

End of TBL Process

Automated Grading

Single source that allows faculty to view student and team performance data holistically for all Team-Based learning activities.

Auto-grade all Team-Based activities upon submission, and immediately notify students of their performance

Identify and zoom in on student trouble spots or subject matter

Readily access and analyse students’ and teams’ grade reports

Easily export grades to Excel

LMS Integration

Integrates easily with existing learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn (Brightspace), Moodle, Sakai, Elentra and Leo using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration

Students sign-on to InteDashboard account from within their existing LMS accounts

Integrate Seamlessly with your LMS

InteDashboard can easily integrate with your existing learning management system.