How We Measure Against the Existing Learning Technologies

InteDashboard enables educators to implement core Team-Based Learning processes effectively, ensuring that the educators can streamline the flow of their classes and improve student learning and retention. InteDashboard is used by institutions to teach their TBL classes. Find out how we measure against other learning systems and tools.

Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses. It is used at an institution-level to manage all educators, students and courses. Many educators have used LMS to conduct their Team-Based Learning Classes, but majority of them feel that LMS is a great tool for sharing prework and other information with students, but it is not a specialized tool to conduct TBL classes. Often, they must employ other tools. Here is what InteDashboard allows you to do, that your LMS doesn’t.


InteDashboard can easily be integrated with any Learning Management System, such as Canvas, Blackboard, etc. to help you implement TBL classes effectively, without any hassle. InteDashboard is not a replacement to LMS, but a tool that allows room for synergy between your LMS and Team-Based Learning classes.

Streamline TBL process by easy setting up of IRAT, TRAT, application cases and peer evaluation

Setup confidence-based testing to gauge student trouble spots

Setup decremental scoring to grade team responses on TRAT

Setup clarifications in real-time

Grade free response application cases using keyword highlighter

Setup e-Gallery walk for teams to view application case responses by other teams and vote

Compare student and teams’ performance in real-time

Extend TBL classes to hybrid and online modality


Audience Response System

Audience response systems are used to create interactivity between the educator and the learner. Some student response systems are paired with mobile devices and/or physical clicker devices to improve classroom engagement. Such systems allow educators to take attendance, create polls and get students to vote for specific class activities. ARS doesn’t fulfil the purpose of conducting a TBL class. Educators often must use multiple tools in addition to ARS to conduct TBL classes. Here’s what InteDashboard can do, but not an ARS system


InteDashboard is a tool specially designed to help Team-Based Learning educators implement TBL process without any hassle. It is an end-to-end teaching tool which allows educators to conduct IRAT & TRAT, applications and peer evaluation.

Setup confidence-based testing during IRAT

Provide immediate feedback to teams on TRAT

Setup decremental scoring

Setup clarifications in real-time

View simultaneous reports as students attempt test and assignments

Gauge student comprehension through item analysis

Setup peer evaluation

Conduct classes in synchronous and asynchronous settings


Paper-based TBL Methods
vs. InteDashboard

Benefits of Team-Based Learning are known to most educators, but sometimes they are reluctant to implement TBL due to administrative hassle and excessive time required to setup, grade and manage team activities. We have found that digital TBL can resolve most administrative hassles, automate grading and save faculty time.

Paper-based TBL Methods vs. InteDashboard:

Comparison Criteria Paper-based Buy InteDashboard

Setup Time

Avg. 3-5 hours Initial setup: avg. 2-3 hours, after that 15-30minutes

Grading Time

Avg. 3-6 hours Zero minutes

Activity Time Management

Difficult to manage Easily controlled

Class Setting

Limited to in-person class setting Can be extended to in-person, hybrid and online modality


Manual Automated

Simultaneous Visual Reporting

Not much visibility into individual and team performances High visibility into individual and team performances

Measuring the learning outcome impact

Difficult to measure; often delayed Measured in real-time

Grading of activities

Delayed Real-time


Delayed Real-time


Inconsistent experience Consistent experience


Extensive use of paper Paperless Solution

Real-time student progress

Not available Always available during and after the class

Historical Analysis of student performance

Not available Easily comparable

Question Quality

Unknown Known

Course Content Relevance

Based on intuition Data-driven

Data Management

Data is stored on various files and can easily get lost Available in Grade Table and can be exported to Excel

Class Management

Difficult as number of students increase Easily Manageable for class size upto 1000 students

Need for a Team-Based Learning System

In 2010, educators at Duke-NUS Medical School needed a learning tool to teach their Team-Based Learning classes effectively, without the hassle of paper-based techniques. However, nothing on the market met their requirements of implementing a core TBL-process driven class, including readiness assurance tests, application cases and peer evaluation. InteDashboard was born out of delivering that need.

Our Focus

InteDashboard has focused on core TBL process, which enables the educators to focus on improving learning outcomes by analysing data for timely intervention and continuous improvement of the course content to meet student needs. InteDashboard is currently being used globally by many universities and organizations. However, there are many universities which are debating whether to build their own TBL system. We understand why the universities would debate this idea.

We ran an analysis of building an internal TBL system vs. buying InteDashboard. Here is the list of criteria that we felt would relevant for such an analysis:

Decision Criteria Build Your Own App Buy InteDashboard

Lead Time

Your institution has 12 to 18 months to work on the project Your institution wants a system up and running in less than 3 months

Feature Requirements

• Your institution has unique requirements, different from TBL process used by other institutions.

• Your team has clarity on the features needed for the software
Your institution follows a standardized TBL process

Faculty Availability

Faculty time is available to explain the requirements to the technical team Faculty time is not available

Talent Availability

Technical team’s time is available, and they understand the nuances of TBL process Technical resources are limited or committed to other projects

Vendor Credibility

No credible vendor exists Credible vendor is available

Opportunity Cost

There are no other priorities or upcoming projects There are other priorities, such as accreditations, curriculum mapping, etc. New programs are getting introduced.

Upfront Cost

Budget is available to make large investment Budget is limited

Ongoing Cost

Budget is available to manage maintenance cost Budget is not available

Upgradation Cost

Budget is available to manage application upgradation Budget is not available


• Resources and trainers are available to train new professors

Faculty training on the software can be a challenge
• Resources and trainers aren’t available

Time constrained: Need to train faculty in 2-3 days


Assigned personnel on technical team to handle support request from educators and students No dedicated personnel to assist the educators and students with technicalities of the platform

Risk Appetite

Ready to take risk on investment, and have assurance on student and educator buy-in. Don’t want any risk on investment, and are unsure of student and educator buy-in.

What we and many TBL institutes have found is that buying InteDashboard is

10x Cheaper

Save cost on building, maintaining and upgradation of TBL system

More Certain and Reliable

Buy TBL system trusted by over 100 educators

Less Risky

Receive 24*7 support and avail use case scenarios to address existing pain points


Have your TBL system up and running in 2-3 days


ISO 27001 certified, GDPR-compliant and FERPA-compliant product

Other Benefits:

Saves faculty and technology (IT) teams’ time

Universities can benefit from continued enhancement in functionality and regular new feature upgradation

Provides access to a network of TBL educators across the world

Customizable platform to meet your institute’s TBL requirements

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