New Peer Evaluation Features

Simplify the implementation of various peer evaluation techniques, enhance the overall student experience, and elevate the quality of data analytics results.

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different methods

Multiple Methods 

Customize peer evaluation methods to suit the different needs.

Instructors can conduct peer evaluation using various quantitative, qualitative, and hybrid methods.

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Enhanced User Experience

The new peer evaluation offers intuitive navigation and clear instructions, empowering students to participate more actively in the evaluation process.

  • Refreshed look
  • Easy to use on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Accessible for all learners
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Streamlined Analytics

Easily collect and administer peer evaluation results.

Use the Peer Assessment Factor (PAF) and Self Assessment over Peer Assessment (SAPA) calculations to quickly assess relative team member contributions and gaps between self evaluations and team evaluations.

Instructors can:

  • View comprehensive student and team performance data
  • Access and analyze grade reports with ease
  • Effortlessly export grades

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