InteDashboardTM Online TBL Platform

Your one-stop solution for
paperless IRAT,TRAT,Clarification and Application

InteDashboardTM was developed by CognaLearn, a spin-out company from Duke-NUS, to help TBL educators by using Duke-NUS patented methods and the latest technological tools.

One Stop

Conduct your IRAT, TRAT, Application and Peer Evaluations on one Platform, with full LMS/LTI Integration

Real Time

Track your students' performance in real time, to identify knowledge gaps that can be addressed immediately.

TBL Easy

Reduce your administrative time with InteDashboardTM automating the mundane parts of TBL so you can focus on the lesson material.


Discover how InteDashboardTM works.


 Real time data analysis

 One-stop solution for paperless IRAT,TRAT, Applications and Peer Evaluation

Exclusively developed to make  TBL easy


One stop solution

Peer Evaluation

Data Analysis

Automated Grading
Quick Diagnosis of problem spots
Performance and Item Analysis

Customizable Features

Integration with LMS through LTI
Exportable Grade Reports
Point Spreading
Online TBL(asynchronous and synchronous, e-Gallery walk)
Integrity Promotion

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