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Network with experts

Connect with a global community of TBL educators who share your passion for TBL.

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Gain access to exclusive resources

Browse through an exclusive wealth of resources and previously asked questions.

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Transit seamlessly from workshops

Continue the vibrant discussions initiated during our online workshops.

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Don't miss the chance to power up your TBL journey.


1. How can I access the community?

You can access it both on your desktop & mobile phones. For desktops, simply log in at https://community.intedashboard.com/login. To access it on your mobile phones and tablets, download the Discourse app on the App Store or on Google Play and add us as a site with the same link: https://community.intedashboard.com/

2. Who can join the community forum?

Anyone who’s interested in TBL can join. Whether you’re an existing TBL user or looking to find out more about it, you’re welcome to join us.

3. How long does it take to sign up?

You can sign up in just a minute here: http://community.intedashboard.com/login

Your account might take longer to get activated. In case your account doesn't get activated within 24 hours, please write to us at marketing@intedashboard.com.