Training & Consulting

We organize customized workshops for schools and institutions that want to implement Team-Based Learning effectively in the classroom. We also have expertise in applying Team-Based Learning techniques in non-academic settings.


TBL is a great way to teach effectively and manage the class efficiently. If you want to know how TBL works and why it’s great, invite us to speak to you and your team. We’ve done presentations on TBL topics at more than 10 education and technology conferences annually, to academic and corporate audiences.


If you have any doubts or questions about TBL, feel free to ask us! As strong believers in the utility of TBL through InteDashboard™, we will do our best to ​answer them.

What We Offer

1 -3 March 2018

San Diego, California

Speaking engagement and round-table presentation at the 17th Annual TBLC Conference. Five of our posters have also been nominated for the conference!

What are the considerations when applying technology-enabled TBL?

How to use TBL to Develop Employability Skills

January 2018, Singapore

Showcasing TBL at Asia Pacific Medical Educational Conference

EduTech Asia: fast flip and the death of lecture-style learning

Using InteDashboard to Optimize Corporate Training

Teach with the World’s Number One Team-Based Learning (“TBL”) platform today.