InteDashboard™ Team-Based Learning Software:

Our learning management system enables educators to ​​ implement Team-Based Learning in the classroom ​​with ease. ​​Check out the Quick Tour to see how it looks and works!

InteDashboard™ is currently in beta testing and being used by:

  • Higher education: five universities in Asia, Australia and the United States
  • Corporate education: three top ten global healthcare multinationals
  • Consumer education: career skills training
  • Test preparation: GMAT, SAT and ACT test preparation course

InteDashboard™​ is ​available for License. ​ We are currently offering faculty an Academic Beta Teaching Program to teach with ​ InteDashboard™​ for free​​ through 31 December 2016.​ ​ For corporate or test preparations, please contact us for pricing.​

​ ​

Training and Consulting in Team-Based Learning:

We organise customized workshops for schools and institutions that want to implement Team Based Learning effectively in the classroom.

We also have expertise in applying Team Based Learning techniques in non-academic settings.

Contact us for more details.

Speaking about Team-Based Learning:

Team-Based Learning is a great way to teach effectively and manage the class efficiently. If you want to know how TBL works and why it's great, invite us to speak to you and your team.  We do presentations on TBL topics at more than 10 education and technology conferences annually, to academic and corporate audiences.

Write to us if you'd like a free one-hour Introduction to Team-Based Learning for you, your organization, or a conference. We can do so either face-to-face or online.

Contact us for more details.

Mentoring in Team-Based Learning:

If you have any doubts or questions about TBL, feel free to ask us!

As strong believers in the utility of TBL through InteDashboard™, we will do our best to ​answer them.

Contact us for more details.