Integrate Seamlessly with Your Learning Management System

Easily integrate InteDashboard with existing learning management systems, such as Canvas, Blackboard and Elentra, using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration and setup TBL system for your institution.

Plug-in InteDashboard into your LMS within minutes

No separate login is required. Students, professors and administrators can directly log into their InteDashboard accounts.


Canvas, by Instructure, is a cloud-based learning management system used by higher education institutions, providing professors with course management and administration support.


Blackboard is a learning management system used by higher education institutions to optimize for distance learning and collaboration.


Moodle is an open source learning management system developed to facilitate learning, communication and discussion in a personalized, multilingual learning environment.


Elentra is used by health sciences institutes. It centers around curriculum mapping and Management with built-in LMS capabilities.


DaVinci Education offers an enterprise platform for health sciences education. It centers around course management, curriculum mapping, assessment and evaluations.


Sakai is a free, open-source, educational software platform designed to support teaching, research and collaboration in higher education.


BrightSpace is a learning management system used for K-12 and higher education. It is used for online teaching and course management as well.

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integration with your Learning Management System

How We Measure Against Existing Learning Technologies

Educators are using InteDashboard to teach class sizes as big as 500 students and have been able to scale their classes to multiple campuses and online learning. Find out how we measure against other learning systems and tools.