Peer Evaluation

Learning to work in a team is an incredibly important skill. The Peer Evaluation process in our TBL software platform provides are great way to develop these skills and ensure accountability of team members. Peer evaluation is incredibly valuable but it can be an administrative nightmare. InteDashboard” provides a simple, streamlined way for groups to rapidly provide effective and insightful peer evaluation, helping to make the process much more informative and useful for both group members and educators. High-quality peer evaluation discourages social loafing., which reduces the free-rider problem and results in better team output.


Beneficial for both learner and educator

Learners: Grade team members on their performance as a teammate and receive anonymised feedback from your team.

Educators: Easily administer TBL Peer Evaluation with the following features:

Key Features

  • Quantitative peer evaluation: Use the “divide up the money” or the Michaelson method to have learners divide up a specific number of points amongst their teammates
  • Qualitative evaluation: Set any number of free response questions
  • Synchronous and asynchronous options to administer peer evaluation.
  • Easy collection and dissemination: Release results anonymously to each team member with the click of a button
  • No copy and paste: No need to collect, summarize and disseminate results by hand
  • No separate login: Avoid the hassle of a separate login by using our LMS integration

The right choice for your organisation

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