Team-Based Learning for Higher Education

InteDashboard for Higher Education empowers universities to deliver consistent Team-Based Learning classes and promote active and collaborative learning environment for students.

An all-in-one Platform for Universities to Conduct Team-Based Learning Classes Effectively

Save Faculty Time

Provide faculty members with a tool that allows them to save time on setting up courses and grading

Deliver consistent TBL Experience

Conduct TBL classes for multiple sections and campuses. TBL teaching can be extended to in-person, hybrid or online class setting

Enhance Learning Through Data Insights

Analyse real-time data on students for quick interventions and continuous improvement in their learning

Macquarie University

How Macquarie runs its team-based learning classes effectively within the short time they have with the students

Macquarie started using InteDashboard, all-in-one TBL platform, to run its TBL classes for the medicine program to successfully run all the TBL activities in the shorter time duration and has been able to collect student performance data to measure the learning outcomes

UNT Health Science Center

How educators at UNT Health Science Center were able to implement fully digital TBL solution for their classes

InteDashboard has allowed educators to create a more experiential learning environment where the learners arrive and immediately dive into experiences that simulate real clinical challenges they will face.

Duke NUS

How educators at Duke NUS have continued to use InteDashboard to run their TBL classes at an institution-wide level

Duke NUS Medical School uses Team-Based Learning to teach all courses at an institution-wide level. InteDashboard has allowed the school to collect real-time student data and even scale the classes to online modality.

Team-Based Learning for Schools

InteDashboard for Schools and Junior Colleges empowers schools to engage students through Team-Based Learning, helping students to reflect, review, analyze and enhance their learning while participating in challenging tasks designed to expand their individual and team building skills.

An all-in-one Platform for Universities to Conduct Team-Based Learning Classes Effectively

Improve Learning Outcomes

Provides teacher with real-time data that allows for quick intervention and teacher can zoom in on trouble spots of students

Build Collaborative Learning

Engage students in complex intellectual tasks through team exercises and improve learning retention

Optimize Teaching to Meet Learning Needs of Students

Build resource bank to support teaching and instruction in a range of disciplines and continue to optimize it through data-driven insights

Team-Based Learning for Government and Corporates

InteDashboard for Government and Corporates empowers any organization to build a collaborative learning environment for workforce development and up-skilling of its employees.

An all-in-one Platform for Universities to Conduct Team-Based Learning Classes Effectively

Close Job-related Skill Gaps

Help employees acquire skills, such as collaboration and problem-solving, enabling them to be more productive in their roles

Up-Skill Employees Across Remote Locations

Provide training (synchronously or asynchronously) to employees, whether located in one place or remotely

Measure the Impact of Employee Training

Store employee performance data at one place and draw data-driven insights to optimize training modules to meet employee needs