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InteDashboardTM was conceived by a passionate team of educators at Duke-NUS (Duke University and the National University of Singapore Medical School) with the aim of enabling more learners to benefit from Team-Based Learning in academic and non-academic settings.

Why Us


One-Stop Solution

Conduct IRAT, TRAT, Application and Peer Evaluation on one platform, with full LMS/LTI Integration



Track students’ performance in real time, to identify knowledge gaps that can be addressed immediately.


Smart Automation

Reduce administrative time with InteDashboard automating the mundane parts of TBL so you can focus on the lesson material

Your one-stop online solution to team-based learning

Faculty satisfaction rate


Faculty reported better learning outcomes from real-time data


Student satisfaction rate


TBL TRAT Teacher Screen

Easy Implementation and Automated Grading

Conduct IRAT, TRAT, peer evaluation and application on one platform. Reduce the time spent on administrative matters; never have to deal with scratch forms and clickers.

Outstanding tool for face-to-face, web-blended and fully online TBL courses! We’ve been using InteDashboard™ across several TBL classes at the University of South Alabama and are consistently impressed with the tool as well as the exceptional support from the team. We look forward to increasing utilization of InteDashboard™ through our campus-wide project. 

Julie Estis, University of South Alabama

Peer Evaluation

Enjoy the advanced peer evaluation feature on InteDashboard. The time-consuming process of peer evaluation becomes a thing of the past with instant collation and tabulation of feedback.

Peer evaluation is incredibly valuable but can be an administrative nightmare. InteDashboard allows students to enter in qualitative and quantitative feedback on teammates easily which faculty can share with students on an anonymised basis with the click of a button.

Embry Riddle Brian O’Dwyer, Adjunct Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


LMS Integration

InteDashboard integrates easily and fully with existing learning management systems. Import students and questions directly from Excel; add a course or export grade reports within seconds.

The administrative challenges behind TBL are often viewed as a major barrier to effective implementation. InteDashboard is the only technological solution that puts it all together, allowing the faculty to focus on creating the learning environment- not fumbling with papers, grading and pulling data from different sources.

Dr Sandy Cook, Senior Associate Dean and Professor, Certified TBL Master Trainer and Consultant, Duke-NUS Medical School


Teach with confidence – identify trouble spots easily with real-time detailed data analysis on team performance. Students get real-time feedback on tests, resulting in higher learning outcomes.

I’m convinced, and I’ve done a fair amount of looking over the past few years to identify an online quizzing/ survey tool that allows for individual question submission and real-time feedback (especially for the TRAT). Intedashboard really is the premier solution in this category. Bar none. Hands down.

Dr John Chapman, Southern Virginia University


Individual Readiness Assurance Tests (IRAT)

Do away with manual grading of IRATs with auto-grading and real-time data. Extend time on tests, randomise test answers and point spread.

Ability to get real-time data on RAT test items during teaching and save this information (i.e. scores on assessments) has made the tool an essential element to my everyday online teaching.

Jennifer Styron, University of South Alabama


No need to wait for scores cards to be graded. Our online TBL software platform allows you to track your students’ performance in real-time to identify knowledge gaps immediately

I love having real time access to my students performance data and knowing exactly what concepts have or haven’t been understood while they complete their IRATs and TRATs! InteDashboard™ has significantly enhanced the ease and effectiveness with which I prepare for, and teach in, my TBL classes at Deakin.

Judy Currey, Deakin University


Our team-based learning mobile application makes it easy to engage large classes in whole-class discussions – assign teams to take on questions

Overall, I’ve been really pleased with how InteDashboard has elevated the ability to engage students in team-based learning.

Hawaii Tom DeWitt, MBA Professor, University of Hawaii

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