Using TBL: Setting up for 100 people at conferences / workshops

Using TBL: Setting up for 100 people at conferences / workshops

Want to run a Team-Based Learning (TBL) style workshop or enhance your conference presentation? Here’s how InteDashboard can help you do so quickly and easily.

1. Logging in 100 people with generic IDs

Using InteDashboard’s generic users function, you’ll be able to assign generic IDs to your participants or students. These are perfect for one-off faculty development workshops or conference presentations!

Here’s how you can set it up real quick:name1

Step 1:

Go to your course page, click Students and then click Assign teams.




Step 2:

Click Generic Upload.





Step 3:

Type the name of your workshop or lesson. This will be reflected in the generic user IDs.




Step 4:

Click Create Users, and you’re done!

2. Set up Course, IRAT, TRAT, and Application

Create your materials just as you usually do for your TBL lessons, in the modules page.

3. Divide teams and allocate log-in IDs

During your workshop or conference, create and name each group (i.e. Group 1, Group 2) before assigning participants or students to each team. Give each team a sheet of paper with their team log-in details on it.

4. Distribute log-in IDs

All you need is a sheet of paper for these IDs, which you can print directly from InteDashboard™ and hand them out to your students. It’s pretty intuitive and will contain the essential information for students to engage in a TBL classroom:

Generic Login IDs.png
See and download a sample of the ID handout for students here!

You’re all set to execute a TBL-styles workshop or conference!

New to InteDashboard?

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