Technology-based learning for team-based learning – opportunities, benefits and considerations for technology supported TBL

Brian O’Dwyer, Commercial Founder and Executive Chairman, CognaLearn



With rise of “big data” and classrooms increasingly full of digital natives and tech savvy digital immigrants as students and teachers, the role of technology in TBL is coming into focus.  In addition, one of the most frequently cited barriers to TBL for some faculty is the administrative challenge of implementing TBL which technology may be able to address.  In light of this, it would benefit TBL practitioners to consider the benefits and considerations of dedicated TBL software technology.



The presenter, also a faculty member at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, began teaching with traditional TBL and was impressed with its efficacy.  However, the TBL administrative process which involved over 50,000 data points for a single course could become rather time consuming.  In addition, in the age of big data could technology utilized to create this data into information?

The presenter taught with four different technology solutions before developing a dedicated software platform exclusively for TBL.  In the process of refining TBL software, the presenter met with over 100 TBL practitioners and engaged some of them as beta testers to get their feedback and views on technology in TBL.



Faculty and student surveys will be used to compare information technology supported TBL versus paper-based TBL.



Pending completion of analysis.

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