Feedback on TBL workshop for Singapore’s Public Utilities Board

Feedback on TBL workshop for Singapore’s Public Utilities Board

This month, we conducted a successful workshop at Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB), to teach their staff to implement Team-Based Learning for their internal Project Management course. Students got to apply their knowledge and learn about designing application cases for the future PUB course.

Working with the students was great, and so was the feedback, with 91% believing in the effectiveness of TBL! On average, students rated the workshop 4.2 / 5! ??

What students liked about our TBL workshop on TBL

Class was engaging. Everyone had the opportunity to participate in class discussions.

Contextualising of training with relevant apply management contexts.

Immediate feedback from TRAT. The application exercise was difficult, but the discussion and debate really helped in the understanding of the concepts.


TBL is a new way of learning for me, which allows me to absorb more as compared to the conventional lecture style. In addition, the use of technology for IRAT and TRAT really impressed me!

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