TBL- based Techniques Beyond The Classroom – Corporate and Career Skills Case Studies

Brian O’Dwyer, Commercial Founder and Executive Chairman, CognaLearn



TBL has been shown to more effective than traditional lectures in academic settings.  However, there are still many learning environments where lectures are still used.  As a result of interest from the non-academic sector in TBL, Duke-NUS Medical School engaged an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to develop a commercial business using TBL and other active learning techniques.



Several case studies of how TBL-based techniques have been employed outside of the traditional academic classroom will be profiled.  One case will profile a group of 60 corporate learners from 10 countries in Asia that met in Singapore for a three-day learning experience filled with simulations, IRATs, TRATs and application exercises.  Another case will feature a 5-day career skills boot camp in China that used similar approaches to provide training to Chinese university students in Career Strategy, Pitching, Resume Writing, Networking and Interviewing.



TBL-based techniques (not pure TBL) for corporate training:  knowledge increased 26% and confidence increased 21%.  TBL-based techniques (not pure TBL) in career skills boot camps:  learner assessment of career skills confidence increased to 92% from 27%.


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