Review of 2017 becoming the world ’s leading TBL software platform

Review of 2017 becoming the world ’s leading TBL software platform

It is amazing how quickly 2017 has passed. And come to think of it, we are pleased with what we have achieved for our learners, faculty and trainers; as a company and for team-based learning (“TBL”) as a teaching pedagogy.

Enhancing InteDashboard” to become a TBL software leader
This year, we expanded our technical team and enhanced our software infrastructure, improving its speed and responsiveness. We also implemented integration with learning management systems “LMS”, as well as an electronic gallery (E-Gallery) walk feature. We are glad that these have been well-received by our users.

Our end-of-year customer satisfaction survey revealed that 95% of professors, and 72% of academic learners were satisfied with InteDashboard”. 92% of the professors surveyed would recommend other professors to use it. They include Duke-NUS, UCLA Medical School, Macquarie Medical School.
We are always looking to do things better of course, that ’s why version three is in the works. More about it in our coming posts.

Global expansion
At the start of 2017, six institutions used InteDashboard”. At the close of the year, more than 30 institutions on five continents used InteDashboard”. This has provided valuable insight into user needs which we will implement into our software in 2018.

TBL beyond academia
We remained active in advocating and facilitating the use of TBL techniques beyond academia. We conducted pilots for the Singapore and Australian government agencies, KPMG as well as five of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies. These pilots were very well received. They increased learning outcomes by more than 20% and received a learner recommendation rate of 99%.

TBL advocacy
It is always an honour to be invited to share about team-based learning. We spoke at 14 TBL conferences and workshops in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Vietnam and the US.
In addition, we presented four posters at the 2017 Team-Based Learning Collaborative Annual Meeting of which three were nominated for “Best Poster Award .

Recognition in the Edutech sector
We were finalists for the Asian EdTech startup of the year at the EduTech Asia conference, and was runner up at the Tech in Asia Arena pitch competition.

Photo credit: Tech in Asia. Pitching to second place at the Tech in Asia Arena Pitch competition.

Brian at the EdTechX Asia Conference as speaker and conference chair

Receiving the Award for Excellence in ELearning at the World Education Congress and Awards.

We are also honoured to be awarded the Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme grant by Spring Singapore.

Our journey wasn ’t easy but it has been nothing short of amazing. It has been rewarding knowing that our customers are satisfied, becoming a part of the TBL conversation, and pushing the use of TBL.

2017 was awesome.

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