Peer Evaluation Software for Team-Based Learning

Peer Evaluation Software for Team-Based Learning

Peer evaluation software is often used in team-based learning (TBL) to ensure that teammates improve their individual performance and contributions to the team’s learning process.

A central tenet of TBL is that learners are held accountable for their individual and group work. Learners can use feedback obtained in the middle of a course to significantly improve their skills. Although there is no set strategy for peer evaluation, it is emphasized that any method used should be capable of accommodating teams of different sizes, accurately reflective of the work of members, and should make a significant impact on the course grade. As such, instructors often tend to utilize various methods based on their own needs and the demands of their requisite course.

A common grouse about peer evaluation is the administrative hassle of collating feedback. By digitizing peer evaluation, implementation and collation of results has become instantaneous.

With peer evaluation software InteDashboard”, educators can see collated feedback in real-time for each student as well as the feedback they give.

Students can give quantitative and qualitative feedback, and receive anonymised feedback (as per educator’s discretion).

Now, expect to get more out of the peer evaluation feature really soon.

There will be more evaluation types: self-evaluation, individual evaluation and evaluation on team.

There will also be additional evaluation question type where students give ratings according to the Likert scale. Points are tagged to each rating and the average is calculated thereafter.

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