Online TBL for Employabilility Skills

Online TBL for Employabilility Skills

Online TBL beyond the classroom?

How does one utilize team-based learning (TBL) outside the classroom?

We answer this question by taking a case study from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where Brian (himself a Duke alumnus) conducted a synchronous online team-based learning (TBL) workshop. This workshop – focused on developing participants’ networking and interview pitch skills integrated TBL to develop career readiness among Fuqua business students, and was a signature effort by 5StepCareers, a Cognalearn company. (Benefits of TBL for career employability)

What is synchronous online TBL?

As a synchronous online learning event, the workshop involved participants engaging in learning at the same time. InteDashboard” as a software platform that facilitates synchronous online learning for participants, was utilized to ensure that the learning experience for participants was efficient and engaging. Although the topic of the workshop was networking and interview pitch skills two career readiness modules offered by 5StepCareers for leading academic institutions the format of the workshop was identical to a team-based learning module.

Developing career skills with pre-work, IRAT and TRAT?

Fuqua participants were provided with pre-work on networking and interview pitching. These can be a mixture of readings, videos, and/or other materials to be completed in advance before the workshop.

Participants’ grasp of the material were then evaluated through an individual readiness assurance test (IRAT). Naturally, sufficient time was provided to engage participants with the concept of an interview pitch, the benefits of networking, and specific tactics and strategies to enhance both.

As participants were divided into teams, each team’s grasp of the material was evaluated through the team readiness assurance test (TRAT). The business students were provided with time to discuss their knowledge of the set material, but also time to engage with and proactively demonstrate their understanding of what constituted an effective pitch and/or networking session.

The students found the session very useful and a second session was conducted at Fuqua. Overall, 88% of students would recommend this online TBL format!

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