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Team Readiness Assurance Test (TRAT)

The Team Readiness Assurance Test (“TRAT”) follows the IRAT and teams of students work through the same questions as a team. After discussing and agreeing upon a common answer, the team submits their choice to a question through InteDashboard” and receives immediate feedback. If they are correct, the team sees a green check and moves onto the next question. If they are incorrect, the team re-debates and resubmits for partial credit until they get it right.

Research has shown the powerful impact of a team-based test with immediate feedback results in consistently higher outcomes of over 20%.

Supporting all levels of your institution

Teams: The first team member to click on “Start TRAT” becomes the official team report for the TRAT session. This team member will be the only one who can submit answers on behalf of the team to avoid accidental answer submissions. Other team members can view their team ’s progress on the TRAT and their individual IRAT responses.

At the end of the TRAT, teams can review and reflect on their performance with a report designed by medical students to see where they performed well and what wrong choices were made, and the associated point scoring.


TBL TRAT Teacher Screen


Educators: Extensive TRAT features have been developed with InteDashboard” to save administrative time and improve data analysis for TBL based on feedback from hundreds of TBL educators.

Key Features

  • Immediate feedback: teams will get immediate feedback after each submission; the immediate feedback process has been shown to increase team performance by over 20% compared to delayed feedback where team performance increase by 11%
  • Decremental scoring: our software grades the team readiness assurance test with different points for each attempt based on customizable settings by educators although many use 4 points for the first try, 2 points for the second try,1 point for the third try and zero points thereafter
  • Real-time TRAT item analysis: real-time calculation of which questions most teams struggled and the order in which teams responded
  • Summary data: mean, median, high, low
  • Completion: which teams have started, still working, finished
  • Presentation timer: large clock page which can be dragged to the main presentation screen which has an optional leader board showing completion and team performance and comparisons to IRAT performance
  • Timing control: start, pause, extend and stop time easily
  • Online modality: can be used asynchronously or synchronously
  • Geographically separated teams: some educators teach students located at different physical campuses. With the InteDashboard” software suite this can be done easily
  • Images and formulas: can be used in question stems and answer choices
  • Question duplication: can be simultaneously input with IRAT to save time
  • Question importing: easy to use Excel template to store and populate a database of questions
  • Data: extensive data is easily exportable to Excel
  • Grading: results automatically populated in course grading table with team grades assigned to each team member which is easily exportable to Excel
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