Typically, more than 85% of material has been addressed by the IRAT (a mean score of 70% is common) and the TRAT (a mean score of 90% is common) process. To achieve comprehension of the remaining basic theory material some educators will use the IRAT and TRAT data analysis in InteDashboard” to identify trouble spots and address them with a mini-lecture or just-in-time teaching. Other educators will use a clarification or burning questions process. In this process, educators will ask teams to self-reflect on their performance and identify questions needing clarification. Educators will then assign teams that did NOT need clarification to stand up and explain concepts (in front of the whole class) to teams that REQUESTED clarification.


Teams: Teams can review their performance and easily identify IRAT and TRAT questions for clarification and specify their concerns.

Educators: Can quickly see which teams require clarification on which questions; allocate teams that do not require clarifications to explain concepts. There is also data tracking of what are the key concepts that teams are struggling with even after the IRAT and the TRAT.

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