Individual Readiness Assurance Test (IRAT)

Typical TBL sessions begin with an Individual Readiness Assurance Test (“IRAT”) which tests how well students have understood the pre-work individually.


Comprehensively benefitting your organisation

Learners can access InteDashboard” via any web-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone. After focus groups with medical students, we added a highly visible clock, completion bar, indications for unanswered questions and the ability to zoom in on images in question stems and answer choices.


Educators can use InteDashboard” to monitor the IRAT in real-time. Over 80% of educators reported improved learning outcomes using our testing software for the IRAT.

Key features

  • Real-time IRAT item analysis: real-time calculation of which questions most students struggled with, which answers they had selected and the point-biserial correlation coefficient (discrimination index)
  • Summary data: mean, median, high, low
  • Completion: who has started, still working, finished
  • Presentation timer: large clock page which can be dragged to the main presentation screen
  • Timing control: start, pause, extend and stop time easily; one-click to starting TRAT
  • Confidence based options: options for confidence based IRAT sometimes referred to as point-spreading
  • Online modality: can be used asynchronously or synchronously
  • Images and formulas: can be used in question stems and answer choices
  • Integrity: options to randomize answer choices, prevent answer changes or moving forward or backwards and prevent view access
  • Data: extensive data include seconds taken per question for each student is easily exportable to Excel
  • Grading: results automatically populated in course grading table which is easily exportable to Excel

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