Academic Co-Founder (Team-Based Learning)

Interim Vice Dean of Education and Senior Associate Dean (since 2006) at the Duke-National University of Singapore (Duke-NUS) Graduate Medical School. Co-Director, Academic Medicine Education Institute (“AMEI”). Certified TBL Master Trainer and Consultant. Sandy has conducted numerous presentations, workshops and fellowships on TBL globally. Sandy Cook and Bob Kamei were part of the original team that successfully implemented TBL at Duke-NUS for over a decade. Full Bio can be found here.


Commercial Founder

Adjunct Faculty, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Founder of CognaLearn which use elements of TBL in non-academic settings for corporate and career skills training. Completed TBL Master Trainer and Consultant training and AMEI Fellowship in TBL. Taught with TBL, trained others on TBL and presented on TBL in over 50 sessions in academic and non-academic settings, education and technology conferences in Australia, China, India, Singapore and the United States. Specializes in using elements of TBL in non-academic settings. Full Bio can be found here.


Product Manager

Tech startup enthusiast. Completed AMEI Fellowship in TBL. Manage product development for TBL technology. Conducted 100 over product demos in five months.


Academic Co-Founder (Medical Education)

Associate Provost (Education) at the National University of Singapore (“NUS”) and head of the NUS Institute for the Application of Learning Science and Education Technology (2016-present). Previously, Vice Dean, Education, Duke-NUS (2006-2016) and UCSF faculty and residency director. Bob Kamei and Sandy Cook were part of the original team that successfully implemented TBL at Duke-NUS for over a decade. For his contributions in education, Bob Kamei was named recipient of the Outstanding Educator in Residence Awards by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Full Bio can be found here.


Academic Founder (Learning Science)

Dean Rush Medical College (2015-present). Dean Duke-NUS (2008-15). Previously, Duke Psychiatry (Chair, 20+ years). Full Bio can be found here.


Academic Co-Founder (Learning Technologies)

Former Associate Dean, Learning Technologies at Duke-NUS (2006-15). Previously, Duke faculty and co-founder of the Duke Computer Science Department. Full Bio can be found here.


InteDashboard™ was conceived by a passionate team of educators at Duke-NUS Medical School with the aim of enabling more learners to benefit from Team Based Learning in academic and non-academic settings.

InteDashboard™ online platform was created exclusively for Team-Based Learning (TBL) educators. InteDashboard™ automates TBL administration and provides real-time data analytics. InteDashboard™ was developed by CognaLearn, which operates businesses that use Team-Based Learning techniques for education and career skills training at corporations, organizations, and schools.


Team-Based Learning made easy.


To support Team-Based Learning for 100,000 learners by 2020.


  • Passion
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